In our chaotic world, few things produce a sense of compassion and serenity the way the image of Buddha can. Upon spending over 35 years visiting various southeast Asian countries and studying the art, religion, and languages there, I have found that for me, no matter what is on my mind, I can envison the countenance of the Buddha and focus my thoughts. Collecting and viewing these objects and related objects has given me a sense of peace which I enjoy sharing with my friends and family. For this reason, I am placing on exhibit at the Mandarin Gallery a variety of images from Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Viet Nam. In viewing these you will be able to see the similarities as well as the differences that take place in those cultures. You will note the protuberance from the top of the head as well as the elongated earlobes and limbs. Notice that the fingers are almost all the same length. See how the brow becomes the nose and the sense of relaxation that these figures lend. After collecting these images for many years, I cannot imagine not having an example in every room to remind me of the most important things in life. Sharing these with the guests of the Mandaring Gallery will be my pleasure. – Bill Lanz


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