Wu Shimin

Professional photographer and Professor at Sichuan Fine Art Institute and the head of Movie and Television institute of Sichuan Fine Art Institute.

Wu’s photography focuses on natural sceneries of the west of China. He spent years in the depth of Tibet and the Himalayas, capturing the beauty of those places in the most authentic from. He also sympathizes and captures the disappearing customs and heritage in a fast changing modern China. His collection The Last Residence reflects the lives of those who live in smaller towns or the back allies of big cities. Whose lives are not yet touched by the modernization and urbanization but quickly losing ground to them? The bulldozers and cranes are right around the corner – busy tearing down old residences and erecting monstrous sky scrapers….

Wu’s work has been selected for regional, national and international exhibitions and won many significant awards. His photography also appears in various publications frequently in China.

Wu is a member of Chinese Photographer’s Association; the chair of Chongqing Photographer’s Association and the chair of Chinese Photographer’s Association for High Education.

Sample Photography:

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